You can now pre-order MEGAcquisitions on Kickstarter!  MEGAcquire is almost sold out and it is time for the next round.  Because of an agreement with Hasbro, the next batch of games will be called MEGAcquisitions, and this time around, more games will be manufactured, resulting in a price of only $35!  The Kickstarter project must be funded by July 25, 2015 to make this happen.  Please share this with your family and friends and everyone else you know.  MEGAcquisitions needs your support.  Click Here to Pre-order MEGAcquisitions Today.  Let's work together to make MEGAcquisitions a reality!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why do the rules for MEGAcquire seem different than ACQUIRE, and what are Lloyd's Rules of Acquire?


Why is the price of MEGAcquire so high?


Why doesn't MEGAcquire have three-dimensional buildings for the company markers?


Why do the shipping charges for MEGAcquire seem to be excessive?


Why does the playing board for MEGAcquire have bottom rails on only three sides?


Why are the tile holders for MEGAcquire too small for all 12 tiles?


Why are the tile bags for MEGAcquire shipped outside of the box, and why, when the tiles are in the bag, do they not fit into the box?


Why does the money slot in the box insert for MEGAcquire seem awkward?


How long can a game of MEGAcquire last and what is the rule "when all disputed borders are resolved"?